AV Installation

Audio visual devices are not easy to deal with thus they require AV installation services from some experienced and specialized company. CCTV cameras, projectors, Televisions or any other device that fall in category of AV devices require services specific to them so some ordinary technician cannot install these devices. How London is a specialized company working in this sector for more than 10 years and the best service provider for your AV devices. Whether you want to install the devices or want to repair them we can guarantee that we are your best choice. We claim our worth on the basis of our experience and skill thus you want any kind of AV installation in London we assure you that you can’t find anyone better than us in this field.

“Installation of 55”,Installation
of 55″ smart LG TV above fireplace

"Installation of a 40”, Installation of a 40” Panasonic on a pullout bracket to Declutter living room

Relocation, Relocation of 55” Panasonic and Sonos from wall mount to unit.

Most of the time you want some AV device installed for your entertainment only, and if it is for the sake if your entertainment then it should work in a manner that it will provide you entertainment without any compromise from your side. This is only possible when you choose right installers for your device.

Any kind of AV system installation requires a specialized company so it won’t cause problems for you later. How London not only gives you the right installation services that you need, also it will guide you with your systems selection according to your demands. We provide our services throughout the London so you if you are worrying threat we are not localized in your town then you don’t have to stress about that because we are only one call away from you.

Experience versus skills

For a company these two things are the ones which make its progress possible. Both are equally important so a comparison between them is not an option especially in terms of AV industry. Only a company with employees who are best in terms of skills and experience can prevail in such a difficult industry.

AV equipment installation requires a skilled professional who knows his work inside out thus if you want your AV equipment installed properly to lessen the maintenance cost later, you should only ask for the true professional services, which you can’t have from anyone other than us. We are confident because we got everything which you can ask for in your installer.

Importance of right installers

AV devices are extremely sensitive devices which have a high chance of deterioration during installation thus without right installers you not only risk your device safety also risk your money because these device are cheap and cost a fortune to purchase thus to safe your hassle of changing the device and saving money you need a right installer from some prestigious company at first place. Only a right installer can troubleshoot equipment problems, install a system and links multiple complicated hard wares together, so this explains why only a specialized installer can install your AV system. How London provide AV system Installation services in such a fine way that it put all your worries at rest.

How our services are different

Services vary on the basis of the service provider. There are many AV companies operating throughout the London which all give same pep talk to their customers about professional work, low cost etc., but How London not just give pep talk to their customers it prove them with its actions. Unlike other companies we hire our employees on the basis of various skills which include their communication skills, time management skills, their critical thinking, and most importantly how well they can satisfy their customers with their work. We make sure to assess them in every way possible so you can have your money’s worth work. Long story short with how London services you can have the services which guarantee the satisfaction one hundred and ten percent.


Scale of our services

Our AV installation services cover not only your entertainment devices, but also it cover CCTV or smart lock installation to make you feel secured and safe. Our skills are not limited; we master both in domestic and commercial level. As our employees are experts in IT so no matter what form of system you want to have installed we assure you we are your best choice.  Regardless of device or system you want to be installed, our services are what you need. For any kind of query, you can reach us any time, and we will be more than happy to serve you.